The Reflection of Sun and Moon - Piano with Porcelain Treasure

Piano with Porcelain Treasure

01 Jan, 2016

The prominent piano company Steinway & Sons collaborated with top porcelain designer Franz to unveil “The Reflection of Sun and Moon” Sun Moon Lake Grand Piano. The joint effort resulted in a perfect amalgam of classic design and innovative approach as well as Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The gorgeous piano’s body, music stand, chair, and collector’s box feature delicate ceramic tiles.  e porcelain designs lend the piano a creative elegance while the piano’s charming sound duly demonstrates the ceramic parts’ sound-enhancing effects.

Porcelain Patterns Featuring Fine Scenery

Inspired by Taiwan’s famous tourist attraction Sun Moon Lake, with its east side resembling the sun while its west side mirrors the moon. The piano features warm, yellow ceramic patterns visually showing the lake’s three elements of the “sun,”“moon,” and “hills,” providing a profound, yet abstract, representation of the beautiful sunset.

The bright, yellow porcelain titles represent the lake’s  owing water while the embedded black solid ceramic patterns respectively symbolize its three elements. According to the designer, the piano’s curved ceramic decorations – an innovation from traditional porcelain products – are specially created to echo the Steinway piano with a streamlined design.

To match the quality of the famed Steinway piano, the ceramic tiles are incredibly thin, representing the zenith of traditional porcelain artistry. To  rmly attach the porcelain parts to the piano, Franz’s technical team used hi-tech ceramic 3D printing technology to attach the porcelain parts to the piano.

Representative Mr. Donato Scioscioli, the Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office (left)

Delicate Porcelain Patterns Created with Hi-tech 3D Printing Technology

The Sun Moon Lake Grand Piano, a valuable musical instrument that can undoubtedly be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom, is a perfect combination of a piano and fine porcelain, with the latter adding artistry to the former. However, at one point during the manufacturing process, it seemed impossible to bring together the wooden piano and ceramic decorations. Fortunately, through trial and error, the technical team eventually succeeded, creating delicate ceramic tiles by blending high technology and intricate artistry.

By employing 3D printing technology, Franz also developed and patented its own ceramic screws that were used, along with glue, to join together the porcelain parts and the wooden piano body.

The piano’s side features an intricate ceramic plaque that proudly displays both the Franz and Steinway logos, an unprecedented artistic achievement made possible with hi-tech ceramic 3-D printing technology. In conclusion, the Sun Moon Lake Grand Piano is yet another harmonious collaboration between two luxury brands, this time featuring a famed piano maker and a renowned porcelain manufacturer.

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