New Thinking of Porcelain Art into Space Design - Wonderland in Hangzhou, China

New Thinking of Porcelain Art into Space Design

31 Dec, 2011

The world’s first smart hotel The Dragon in China and Franz Collection Inc. worked together to create the “Oriental Impression Floor” in 2011. “The Oriental Impression Floor created by Franz has made breakthroughs in form, color and of material using traditional porcelain. Every piece of work had to go through hundreds of complicated and detailed steps and was  red for hundreds of hours in kilns before completion. The creation of the “Oriental Impression Floor” was to let people see that porcelain is not just still on the dining table. It can blend into the space and furniture that interact with people. It is a brilliant expression of Sino-French aesthetics and innovative workmanship.

“Oriental Impression Floor” has four theme rooms: China Impression, Extraordinary Garden, Dream of Grand Palace, and Blossom of Jade. Every room is divided into a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.The design provides an exquisite, graceful and top-quality suite experience with new Sino-French aesthetics.

The Dream of Grand Palace

The Dream of Grand Palace is based on the theme of Peony and Bamboo collection.The colorful blossoming peonies and the shadows of bamboos reflect the elegance and mystery of the Chinese palace, telling common people’s dream of wealth and luxury. In this classical dream, the big family’s living room and bedroom are in royal yellow, elegant blue and vibrant green.The luxurious bathroom is decorated with bright yellow, peaceful blue and graceful black.

The Blossom of Jade

The Blossom of Jade is based on Chinese palaces and Extraordinary Garden.The lively jungle garden and the magnificent landscape under the blue heaven tell the artistic philosophy of bringing the Chinese royal family and nature into one entity. The Western color combination of light blue, bright orange and energetic green interprets the beautiful nature and world of mortals.The living room and the bedroom are in luxurious orange and fresh green while the bathroom is in light blue and green to create a leisure ambiance.

The China Impression

The China Impression is based on the China Impression collection, showing China’s landscape, architecture, animals and plants and oriental patterns. The living room and bedroom use rich purple blue and luxurious turquoise while the bathroom is in white, turquoise and green to create a transparent feel.

The Extraordinary Garden

The Extraordinary Garden is based on the theme of Extraordinary Garden collection, showing colorful flowers and the vitality of nature.The Southern palm trees and exotic plants stand for the freedom and happiness to travel in the wonderland.The living room and bedroom use rich orange, pure white, noble purple red and other warm colors while the elegant bathroom is decorated with white, turquoise and purple.

A Bountiful Harvest

Franz Collection won the highest achievement award from U.S. gift and home decor industry