Skin Deep: Meadow & Neptune's Garden Figures

Skin Deep: Meadow & Neptune's Garden Figures

01 Feb, 2015

American designer G.G. Santiago creates Franz’s Skin Deep series, achieving a harmonious union between people and nature.

Carving the eyebrows, eyes, high nose and ears to achieve a harmonious and perfect composition

Franz has been creating porcelain pieces mainly themed on the elements of nature. At the sight of Meadow and Neptune's Garden Figures, enthusiastic clients always ask: Franz makes porcelain  gures too?

Franz has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, so Meadow and Neptune's Garden Figures are definitely not ordinary figures commonly seen on the market.The designer has ingeniously combined tradition with contemporary creativity to create the Skin Deep series.

Enchanting Piece Showing Graceful Femininity

The sculptor reveals that the challenge in making the Meadow Figure is how to vividly sculpt the subject. As this piece is a half- length  gure whose soul lies in her features, great attention is entailed in carving her eyebrows, eyes, high nose, mouth, and ears to achieve a harmonious and perfect composition.

The Meadow piece is adorned with patterns of butterflies, blossoms, and meadow symbolizing a harmonious relationship between people and nature. The fluttering butterflies and blossoms alighting weightless on the lady’s skin lend elegance to her unfailing youth and enchanting posture.

A Letter from FRANZ CHEN

Franz Collection won the highest achievement award from U.S. gift and home decor industry