Learning Taste from a Master of Art - The Brilliant Life of Ute Patel-Missfeldt

Learning Taste from a Master of Art

02 Dec, 2015

Ute Patel-Missfeldt is a world-renowned versatile German artist. Her brilliant and diverse works include porcelain, hats, scarfs, dresses and illustrations. Fans from all over the world are fascinated by her unique creations, especially the Franz works which have been widely praised in America and Europe.

A Brilliant Life Colored by the Arts

Patel has a very creative imagination and a natural acumen for combining colors. She has won the Culture and Arts Award in Europe, conducted several art lectures on radio and TV programs, made illustrations for many German magazines and picture books, overseen the dress designs for the Danube celebration in Austria, and even managed the interior design of a European castle. Especially noteworthy is that she has organized and hosted the largest hat fashion show in the world; 15,000 elegant and distinctive hats were exhibited, winning great admiration from trendsetters.

A Mark of Uniqueness for Refusing Karl Lagerfeld

Besides providing fulfillment in Patel’s brilliant life, the arts have also brought her many colorful experiences, among which the most talked about one is her encounter with Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel. Patel attended the fashion show held by Lagerfeld in Munich, wearing an attractive and stylish dress and scarf decorated with roses that she designed and tailored herself. No doubt that unique look attracted Lagerfeld’s notice and he invited Patel to work with him.

A dream of designers all over the world is to be invited to collaborate with Lagerfeld. However, upon hearing that Patel made only one piece for each design, Lagerfeld explained that he must have 12,000 pieces. Astutely, Patel then replied that it would be better for him to forget about her. Indeed, Patel persists in her one-and-only philosophy. Even the internationally famous godfather of fashion cannot sway her from her ideals. She believes that only by avoiding mass production will the design be ultimate and unique.

An Exclusive Beauty for Franz

However, it is a pity that her beautiful designs are not produced on a commercial scale. Invited by Franz Chen, the founder and CEO of Franz, Patel allowed Franz to produce some of her designs in limited editions, in order to introduce her art to more people. Among her designs for Franz and one that connoisseurs should take special note of in 2016 is the “Blossom” tulip vase Patel designed for the 15th anniversary of Franz.

Although design has brought her a sense of great achievement, Patel is delighted to instruct young people. She believes that it is hard to study or imitate aesthetics, and the only thing one can truly understand is to feel it. Artistic cultivation requires patience. With the expectation of cultivating the arts among a greater number of people, Patel helps young designers and their talents. It is just like the blossoming tulip that is elegant and fragrant.

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