Eden - A Unique and Magnificent Garden - Franz in Porzellanikon Selb

FRANZ in Porzellanikon Selb

28 Feb, 2015

After its widely acclaimed exhibitions held in the Palace Museum in Beijing, China and the National Porcelain Museum Adrien Dubouché in Limoges, France, Franz acquired favor from yet another museum. It was invited to give an exhibition titled “EDEN – A Unique and Magni cent Garden” in Porzellanikon Selb, Europe’s largest porcelain museum, starting from May, 2012.

Opening up a New Horizon for Porcelain

Porzellanikon Selb is located in Selb, a German town well known for epitomizing Europe’s three-hundred-year old porcelain history. It was established by renovating a factory built in 1866 by Rosenthal, a German porcelain brand. Currently, the museum covers an area of 11,000 square meters.
Porzellanikon Selb is the  rst porcelain museum in Germany and the largest porcelain museum in Europe as well. It not only exhibits items showcasing the history of porcelain, but also puts on display pieces demonstrating the present and future of porcelain, covering varied topics ranging from art, history, commerce, to advanced technologies.

Many distinguished guests showed up on the day when the exhibition opened. Chantal Meslin-Perrier, General curator for heritage, director of the National Porcelain Museum Adrien Dubouché, Limoges, highly praised Franz for the efforts the company had put into making a breakthrough and being creative in porcelain artistry and design. Moreover, Wilhelm Siemen, Director of Porzellanikon Selb, was full of praise for the creativity and artistry demonstrated by Franz’s porcelain pieces. He revealed that the museum not only exhibited items, but also endeavored to convey the aesthetics and cultural values carried by the artworks.

Having been creative in the porcelain field, Franz delivers to the audience a whole new experience of porcelain aesthetics. It has introduced epoch- making artworks symbolizing contemporary life to open up a new horizon for porcelain, making the viewer appreciate the wonderful blend of Eastern and Western cultures as well as understanding how metal and wooden items can be arranged to set off porcelain pieces.

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