A Letter from FRANZ CHEN

A Letter from FRANZ CHEN

29 Feb, 2016

Recently a new employee asked me what made us different from the many brands of home décor that are available across the globe at any given time.

At that busy moment, I answered her quickly and moved on with the day but later that evening, as the question came back into my thoughts it occurred to me that I had not even touched the surface of what makes the Franz brand so special!

That night, introspection may have caused me to lose sleep but nonetheless definitely re-ignited my thoughts about Franz and what it is I seek to accomplish. I can no longer call it a business, a career or even a profession, as honorable as they may be. It is something much deeper and more spiritual: it is a life-long calling.

This calling is not accomplished in solitude. It exists because of relationships—with all the fundamental elements of any meaningful relationship. Time, quality, connection, understanding, commitment. Time devoted to the quality of each connection; a deep understanding of the nuances and idiosyncrasies of each individual; finally, a deep commitment to those revelations all lead to the desired results.

Short cuts are not an option to our mission in nurturing a brand such as Franz! The time and resources we devote to bring one design to life are uncommon and generally unaffordable to most business organizations or manufacturers. At Franz, however, we are more concerned with creating and uplifting long-lasting cultural and artistic values, not with short-term pro ts or items that  t a current passing trend.

Uniting diverse global art through creations envisioned by our world-renowned design team brings a certain Peace to any home. It is our hope that this peace and joy re ect the spectacular gifts that Nature o ers daily and continues to spread worldwide.

The focus on culture and bringing a ordable, highly detailed porcelain art to people of every nation and background gives us a satisfaction that is rarely found in a conventional business model.  is is because art speaks to the soul.

We continue undeterred in our ongoing enthusiasm for the Franz lifestyle, grateful for the opportunity to be a part of delivering joy and happiness to our global family through Franz porcelain. We do so with an unending appreciation of our world and  rm acknowledgment of our own responsibility to preserve and sustain nature.

With deepest thanks and grateful wishes we continue with our vision that speaks to each person in ways as unique as the designs themselves. We hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that 2016 brings much success and joy.

CEO Franz Chen

Franz Collection won the highest achievement award from U.S. gift and home decor industry

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